an animation of Hayao Miyazaki

There are two things why I got hooked with Studio Ghibli—- the exeptional plot and of course the man behind it, Hayao Miyazaki!

There comes a time when I started to forget all my craziness in Anime and then one night I started to browse on the forums searching for a great anime movie. Miyazaki’s films were almost recommended in the forums. I doubted first if I’m going to watch this kind of animation because it’s not my style. Then a friend told me that Howl’s Moving Castle was great movie.  So she gave me a copy and give it a try. The graphics are not really my type but at the end you will be amazed  on how unique and creative the story is. That’s the beginning of my craziness in Studio Ghibli and I started to watch most of their creations. I’m an anime lover of almost 15 years but damn I’d reached 20 not knowing that Studio Ghibli exists.  What an irony!

Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata founded the studio Ghibli. They begun to make animation films and more directors are starting to work in Studio Ghibli. Yes, I can say that most of their stories were great but I was more interested in Miyazaki’s style. Who wouldn’t admire Miyazaki?! He’s someone you can be proud of. Miyazaki didn’t forget to include in every film on how to save our Mother Earth. He just showed it in an abstract or symbolic way. I just read in a blog that most of his movies are somehow related to his life story. Amazing! I didn’t really notice it after reading those blogs. It’s like a puzzle that you should put together to have a clear vision of his life.It just made me idolizes him more.

Studio Ghibli is one of the finest arts that Japanese should be proud of.  I said earlier that my entire favorite was directed and written by Hayao Miyazaki. Now Miyazaki was one of the people that influenced my life and I will give credit to him as the best director of animation in the entire world. He’s really great.  A master in his craft.  An unbelievable person. How can someone thought those kind of stories? Stories full of life.  Stories full of lessons. Stories full of richness in it. It’s none other than the master itself, Hayao Miyazaki.  Maybe, elevating the Animation industry is his mission. Well,  he made an amazing job.

I can’t imagine I made a blog for this. I hope someday he’ll be able to read my blog but it is somehow impossible :D.  I’d always dream to go in Japan because there are many things I love to see and experience in that country. I’m starting to learn basic Nihonggo. I promised myself that at the age of 24-25 I’ll be able to reach Japan.  I really hope Miyazaki will continue to make movies and I hope I’ll be able to meet him in person. Sayonara minna!!


~ by cmttorrevillas on December 7, 2010.

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